Attending a police station

24 Hour Free Police Station Advice Service

Police station arrest

Being arrested is likely to be an unpleasant and worrying process for you and your loved ones.

To be released as soon as you can you will need to know what is happening, how best to defend yourself and what your rights are.

Professional representation

Every person has the right to FREE professional representation whatever allegations they face – even the most trivial. Our team of experienced, specialist criminal lawyers can be with you within 45 minutes of your call to ensure your interests are protected. From shoplifting to serious offences such as murder, robbery and fraud, be sure to choose SmithLeaning Criminal Advocates.

You should NEVER agree to be interviewed without legal representation – it is your right and is ALWAYS OFFERED FREE OF CHARGE.

At the police station

Some of the most important decisions made in relation to a case are made at the Police Station and these can determine the outcome of the case. It is therefore essential to have experienced advice as to whether to answer questions properly, to decline to answer questions or provide a written statement.

Necessity of having a solicitor attend the police station to support you

Managing without a solicitor will not mean you will be released more quickly – we will be with you within 45 minutes of your call.

Even if you think you have done nothing wrong, the law is complex and the police may not see it that way.

If you suspect you may be guilty, what you say at interview may be the only evidence the police have to support that.

Saying nothing is not a defence and in fact can be very damaging to your case if it goes to court.

The police can not advise against having a specialist representative – it is not a police decision.


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