Frequently Asked Questions

and common myths

It take longer – I just want to get out quickly

A police station representative from SmithLeaning is always available 24/7 and will be there within 45 minutes of your call and may already be there.

I don’t need a solicitor – I haven’t done anything wrong! Why should I use your services?

The Law is complex. Even if you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong, you may have broken the law. You need to know exactly where you stand.

Will it be expensive – I can’t afford a lawyer?

Advice and representation at the police station, or elsewhere for the purpose of formal interview, is ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE, whatever your means. If you are accused of a motoring offence we operate on a fixed fee basis given to and agreed by you at the very outset of any privately funded case.

I think I might be guilty – shouldn’t I just confess to the police?

It may be you have a good defence when you think you’ve done something wrong. The police may not have enough evidence and your confession might be just what they need. You may be eligible for a caution or warning, avoiding court proceedings for which you may have to contribute financially. If you are charged the specialist can help in getting you bail and released.

Is it ok to say nothing and go ‘no comment’?

If you don’t answer police questions, you could make it harder to fight your case in court. It is a difficult decision whether to answer questions or not. That’s why you need a police station specialist to advise you.

The Police told me I don’t need a representative – is this right?

It is not a police decision – IT IS YOUR RIGHT.

Who will deal with my case?

We are a small team of dedicated and very experienced criminal practitioners – ” About Us”  tells you wo we are.

Have any further questions?

Please get in touch and we will be happy to talk your case through with you…

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